Taufiq Hasan

About my songs

As a singer/songwriter and music composer, I mostly write songs in Bengali (বাংলা). I recorded a music album in Bangladesh, performed live in TV and in various shows. I was the lead singer and guitarist of Dhumketu, a Bengali rock band based out in Dallas, TX. Occasionally, I also play piano/keyboard and bass guitar. Check out my page in Facebook (hitting like is optional!).

Music Videos

Nirbak Bhalobasha (নির্বাক ভালবাসা)

Shonali Alo (সোনালী আলো)

Tumio Ashbe (তুমিও আসবে)

Dekhechho Ki tumi (দেখেছ কি তুমি)

Lyrics Videos

Jago (জাগো)

Ochena Shohor (অচেনা শহর)

Selected songs